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The Robillard Boutique, GWTW fanfiction

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Mon roman The Boutique Robillard, fanfiction d'Autant en Emporte le Vent

En feuilletons, publiés régulièrement. 

Publié par Arlette Dambron

Synopsis of my novel, The Robillard Boutique, my Gone with the Wind fanfiction

Follow the historic novel I have writen, by chapters. My first - and last - fanfiction of GWTW, Gone with the Wind, based of the book of Margaret Mitchell and the movie. 

I really have fun sliding historic facts among the love story of our favorite Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara. It has been fun to "create" an new Heroe, Duncan Vayton, his family and business world. 

Three years after their divorce, Scarlett is the head of "The Boutique Robillard" and becomes the muse of the young and handsome fashion king Duncan Vayton, Charlestonian citizen like Rhett. Our dear Rhett will have a hard time winning back Scarlett's love from this perfect Prince Charming.

Author : Arlette Dambron



Disclaimers : I do not own the story and the characters of Gone with the Wind which belong to Margaret Mitchell.


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Original poster of the movie Gone with the Wind (source : Wikipedia)

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