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The Robillard Boutique, GWTW fanfiction

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Mon roman The Boutique Robillard, fanfiction d'Autant en Emporte le Vent

En feuilletons, publiés régulièrement. 

Publié par Arlette Dambron

Reviews of readers (Part 2) of my GWTW fanfiction The Boutique Robillard on fanfiction.com and Ao3

Here is the second part of the revieus of the readers of my GWTW fanfiction, The Boutique Robillard, updated on June 20 2021. . For reading the older comments, click at the end of this page.

It is such a reward to read the comments of my fanfiction’s readers !   It has been a challenge to start writing a novel, and more difficult to write « my » following of the mytic Gone with the Wind.  So for the pleasure, and even if it is selfish (yes, I admit it ;-) , here are the comments. (I hided the pseudos which belong to the fanfictions websites‘ worlds.

from June 3rd to June 20, 2021

Sul. (Archive on your own)  19 Jun 2021 
This was written like a poem, sounded almost as a second midsummer night’s dream by another bard, such glowing colours in the written word: absolute fantastic!
I wish I could have read it in French!
Sul. with mouth slightly open...👍👏😲

Tru. chapter 23 . June 19 2021
The setting, the music of The South, the incredibly beautiful, innovative dresses on display adorning over a dozen ladies made for an exquisite evening. A rousing success!
Wade and Ella behaved splendidly. Scarlett was always one wanting to shine and Duncan honored her with class and dignity.
Hopefully, Rhett won’t cause a disturbance. After all, he tossed away his ex-wife, snubbing Wade and Ella in the process.
You created an award-winning masterpiece, BlancheScarlett!

Gab. chapter 23 .  June 19 2021

Mis. chapter 23 . June 19 2021
Oh my, this was simply stunning! The visual impact alone! Sure hope Rhett doesn't ruin the evening, it would be such a shame! Can't wait for your next chapter ... .

Tain. chapter 23 . June 19 2021
Ohhhhhh, sister! What was this chapter? I have no words for it, I love it so much when Scarlett it’s admired like Ducan admires her, to be put in the center of everything when Rhett never even had taken her to Charleston. And Rhett’s reaction! Sooo good!

Mis. chapter 1 . June 19 2021
Rhett must learn to express his true feelings. He hid his love for Scarlett for 12 years for fear of being harmed while Scarlett ran home to confess her love for him as soon as she realized she loved him. Scarlett is not afraid to express her feelings. He needs to grow up and change he already knows he made a mistake when he got divorced he needs to come to her with love respect and appreciation and not jealousy and resentment. He needs to initiate, speak and open his heart. To say he was wrong with the divorce he regrets, he will have to find the way to the hearts of Wade and Ella, to get back to their lives.
And we have not talked about Bell yet ...
And he must take responsibility for purifying and glorifying her name in the eyes of his family and community, just as Duncan did on this special evening. He can start doing it this evening while inviting her to dance with him

Mistress chapter 23 . June 19 2021
Wow the meeting between Rheett and Scarlett after such a long breakup was electrifying
The shock and need to fight for Scarlett's love will take Rhett out of severe depression and make him a warrior lion.
This miraculous evening was the opening shot for the Scarlett war.
Rhett will not give up his only love and will not rest until he achieves it back.
The hearts of these two are bound by a strong bond. Rhett is A total about her. The divorce was an act of mental distress during a time of great mourning and he regretted and would do anything to correct his mistake and compensate Scarlett.
Scarlett is also total and loving to the end, will flatter her ego very much when she realizes that Rat regrets the divorce. I have no doubt she will choose Rhett but not before he goes through a lot of agony.
Duncan will fight but will realize in the end that this is a lost war over a woman whose heart is addicted to another.
Duncan with all its virtues not for Scarlett. She needs a challenge. Looking forward with excitement to the following episodes

Whit. chapter 23 . June 19 2021
Woahhhhh this was an amazing and dramatically brilliant chapter! I am so excited for the Duncan-Scarlett dance and how Rhett will handle himself for the rest of this party... Also I am currently big time Team Duncan. I am fine if there is no Rhett/Scarlett happy ending.

Guest chapter 23 . June 19 2021
oOooh such a chapter, thank you! so beautiful that it's not enough! I wait to have their interaction in not just a meeting! and what Rhett was waiting for from Scarlett's reaction? after what Roselyne did, didn't he recognize Scarlett's smile, didnt feel Roselyne arm? this is all his charming way of communicating with her, which is why she still has illusions. I hope this time he will not be stupid, will not try to cause Scarlett's jealousy by using Roselyne Duncan showed himself to be a real man. Oh God, I'm so worried about them sitting at the table together

jad. chapter 23 . June 19 2021
It has been many months since I have been so excited to read a new chapter of an ongoing story. You did not disappoint.

Guest chapter 23 . June 19 2021

Guest chapter 23 . June 19 2021
im not sure that Rhett's mother would fell about Scarlett that way, first of all she should be grateful for her help during the war, also she must know that her son isn't innocent either

 Scar. chapter 23 . June 19 2021
Soon Goood! Let the fireworks begin! It will be interesting for Rhett won't know how to handle this version of Scarlett, I'm sure. And, it seems Scarlett will not let anyone make a fool of her again,not even Duncan. While seeming to cover his ass with public declarations regarding Scarlett's help, it seems there are a lot of onlookers leaves by this new acquaintance. Hoping chapters 24 & 25 are up soon. Fantastic story!

Tif... chapter 23 . June 19
Scarlett's spectacular arrival! Even though I have a lot of sympathy for Rhett, sometimes I think Duncan would be a really good person for Scarlett :), but another part of me doesn't want the mythical couple to be permanently separated, oh my! Can't wait to read the rest. Thanks for this chapter!

Van. (Archive on your own) on Chapter 22  17 Jun 2021 
omg ive literally binge read this in one day and i love it so much!! im so excited for rhett and scarlett to see each other again and i love how you used ashley too <3

Tif. chapter 22 . Jun 16
Wow I've read all of these next 22 chapters and I'm already looking forward to the rest :). I really can't wait to see how this love trio will evolve

Klen. chapter 22 . Jun 16
Duncan is not ready to confront Rhett and the women yet...I'm not sure he's going to defend Scarlett. As for Rhett, he'll probably use Roselyn to show that he doesn't like Scarlett...poor kids...I guess it'll be Wade who saves the day.
Thank you, thank you for this chapter!

Guest chapter 22 . Jun 15
Another exceptional chapter, thank you so very much for your efforts. Please, please don’t allow Rhett to get drunk, I don’t want him to spoil things for himself, Scarlett or Duncan. Scarlett’s getting a bit better at picking up on things, and depending how the evening goes, she isn’t going to like being railroaded into modelling the dress. I know a lot of people will disagree but in my humble opinion, Rhett’s manipulation of Scarlett was usually done with Scarlett’s best interests at heart. Oh, I know he benefited as well, (I always get paid) but on the whole he did/pointed things out for Scarlett’s benefit until Bonnie died. Duncan’s manipulation so far is all for him and his self-gratification, especially taking into consideration that he knows who she is and what her reputation is, and yet he’s still intent upon making a spectacle of her, and opening her up to all of the criticism and jealously that’s sure to follow. Loving your timely updates, thank you.

Aet. chapter 22 . Jun 14
Oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive! After being manipulated by Rhett for years, Scarlett is not going to like being manipulated by Duncan. It would behoove him to just be honest with her. The dress looks amazing. They had such beautiful clothes then. I had to go and look Worth up. I really like the last dress on this page, the one with the oak leaves, /tag/worth-and-bobergh/. I hope that Rhett isn't an a$$. This will be quite the night for Ella if Rhett behaves.

Guest chapter 22 . Jun 14
It’s showtime! Fantastic chapter! I’m hoping that when Scarlett scolds and reprimands Duncan, Rhett overhears their argument- similar to Twelve Oaks barbecue when he listened in on Ashley and Scarlett. I just think it would be so ironic! Or if Rhett and Scarlett somehow wind up dancing at this event- similar to the bazaar! The scandal of the divorced couple dancing would cause such an uproar in Charleston and Atlanta. It would be such a blast

Sul. (Archive on your own)  on Chapter 22Sun 13 Jun 2021 
I appreciate the work, and the Intention, but the golden dress reminds me of some really old fashioned over curtains in some ancient British houses I visited. To wear this would make me feel like an over dimensioned spider in its lair. The red dress would be a little more to my taste, but only a little...

Mis. chapter 22 . Jun 13
Well I mean it's not Duncan. I'm pretty sure the love of her life is Rhett. He is the man for her. She is Rhett's love forever.

Mistress chapter 22 . Jun 13
Once again I have no words to describe how much I enjoy the way you write. Your descriptions, everything in great detail I can imagine just as if I was there.
Waiting for the meeting between Rhett and Scarlett. If I understood correctly at the end of the episode the man who asks for a double whiskey is Rhett? He's probably going to be drunk and I'm not sure he would treat Scarlett well. This Charleston encounter with Scarlett would be scandalous.
She will be criticized by her aunts, and by every woman around because all men will surely be thrilled when they see Rhett Butler's ex-wife. I'm curious about the attitude towards Scarlett on the part of Duncan and Rt's mothers. Each of them knows about her son's love for this woman.
They both hope that the boys will marry a "respectable" lady who is not the sensational Scarlett.
Oh rhett, how sorry he is for this divorce from the love of his life. How could he see her with Doncan? What will he do?
My heart is broken at the thought of him and Duncan too.
Scarlett is being rejuvenated. She deserves to win the love of her life after all she has suffered. And I do not think it's not Doncan
Interesting will be the encounter between Duncan and R. that will surely demonstrate ownership of Scarlett. He thinks of her as his wife, not his ex-wife. She is still deep deep in his heart.

Guest chapter 22 . Jun 13
Hmm... I've just thought it would be great if Rhett ended up with Rebecca eventually. And for Scarlett it would be good to find happiness with someone else. For now Duncan seems ok. Not a saint, but he hasn't caused her trouble yet, and I hope he won't.

Tain. chapter 22 . Jun 13
Omg omg omg ️️️️ Dearest, you cannot leave us like this! I can’t imagine Charleston’s reaction to Scarlett or even Rhett’s m, and Duncan, I have no words for Duncan!

Guest chapter 22 . Jun 13
I am super excited by this story and chapter! There are so many subplots that are just as interesting as the main one. Rebecca is a hell of character. I’m sure she is treated as a great lady in Charleston but in reality she is truly a scandalous. All the things everyone accused Scarlett of, Rebecca is actually doing. Roselyne is pretty awful too- she basically knew Rhett was married and still held off on moving on with her life. She’s lucky now that he’s even divorced- what if he wasn’t? Would she be willing to become Rhett’s mistress like Rebecca became to Petyr and Duncan ? It’s funny I bet Melina and Rosemary, are going to view and treat Scarlett terribly for her accused flaws, however their own friends are no better than what they perceive Scarlett to be.
I can’t wait for Rhett and Scarlett to meet again. I bet Rhett will show up at the last minute because of what Rosemary said. I just can’t wait to see his reaction! I know if will be explosive.
I’m still rooting for Rhett and Scarlett to reunite. They have so much history and have made so much progress.
 To be honest, I don’t care much about Duncan. To me he is some cross between Ashley and Rhett, but with all their flaws. He is sanctimonious, manipulative and hypocritical. He is as judgmental as Ashley, in regards to Rhett, but in reality he engages in similar activities as Rhett. To be honest I think his love is actually just lust- similar to Ashely. And with Scarlett, he only sees what he wants to see. Rhett truly knows the real Scarlett and her flaws, and still chose to love her. Sure Rhett wasn’t always right, and I do hope he understands that the decline of their marriage was equally his fault, but I still root for his reunion with his wife.

Sca. chapter 22 . Jun 13
You are killing me! How can you leave us hanging here? You are cruel! It is hard to believe this is your first attempt at fan fiction because this is so well written, edited and compelling. I am not sure I can wait a week or two for the next chapter. Wishing you inspiration and fast fingers to create the next chapters.

Guest chapter 22 . Jun 13
agree with previous comment that Scarlett as always needs to be ready for attack from all sides, great opportunity for both Rhett and Duncan to show can they protect her and make other give respect

Guest chapter 22 . Jun 13
and again their meeting not in this chapter :(( don't think that I criticize, I just wait so for it! sure it will be incredible! Duncan better be fast with his explaination about the dress idea, his feelings and that he knows who Mr Buttler is or he will get a vase on the head by his passionate muse :))

Guest chapter 22 . Jun 13
Ahh you’re killing me! I can tell there are going to be a ton of fireworks! Poor Scarlett - she’s going to get attacked from all angles (Butler women, Roselyn, Rebecca, Vayton women). What on earth was this man thinking. Scarlett once again will get thrown to the wolves. Please update soon!

Tru. chapter 22 . Jun 13
Scarlett puts two-and-two together about Duncan only to realize that he’s as manipulative as Rhett!
The dress Duncan designed for Scarlett will surely be amazing ... one-of-a-kind.
I’m also eager to learn more about Ella’s dress and will Wade be the one to escort his sister?
One chair presumed to remain empty now has an occupant. Let the fireworks begin!

Truc. chapter 21 . Jun 13
What a study in contrast between Rhett’s pathetic, self-centered life and Duncan’s energized livelihood!

Sta. chapter 22 . Jun 13
Still team Duncan

Moo. chapter 22 . Jun 13
This is a painful cliffhanger. I screamed out loud! I can't believe he's don't let him ruin this moment for Ella and Scarlett. I really hope Scarlett doesn't falter if/when she sees him. Duncan is so perfect for her. He just needs to be honest about the dress. And tell Scarlett how he feels. And don't let Rhett interfere.

Kg. (Archive on your own) on Chapter 21Sat 12 Jun 2021 
OMG. I look forward every week for your updates and you never disappoint. I cannot wait until Rhett my realizes that Scarlett is being wooed and has an admirer, so he can win her back hopefully. Please update soon!! <3

Fai. chapter 22 . Jun 12
Wow. Wow. Forgive me while I am in awe of this chapter...
First of all, how dare you? How dare you finish at such a time? Ha! So many frustrations!
I loved the moments between Scarlett and her children. It was very touching, and I hope to see more of it!
Scarlett is beginning to realize what kind of man Duncan is, but she's not as naive as she once was. He'll have to keep at it!
Beautiful descriptions, as usual. It is so easy to imagine the scene, the dresses...
Well... on that note, I'm waiting impatiently for the reaction of his highness Captain Rhett Butler, who has been waiting and continues as usual this frustrating behavior... No doubt that a double whiskey will not be enough, especially seeing Scarlett's loose hair (his fetish exposed in public, when he dreamed of it for so many nights!)

Jul. (Archive on your own)  on Chapter 21Thu 10 Jun 2021 
Your work has caused me a real delight! Detailed descriptions of travel and fashion trends are likely to evoke something special in any woman. I really like to see Scarlett just like that: a blooming, joyful, gorgeous business woman. She has grown and become even more charming, very pleased with the improvement in relations with children - Wade and Ella deserve a good mother. I really liked Duncan, although my heart remains with our stubborn Butler. However, he must realize how much harm he did to his wife throughout the marriage, how much he hurt him by insisting on a divorce, leaving money to the children as "atonement" instead of the attention of the only father they knew.
Scarlett made many mistakes, for which she was boldly judged by "noble women", but this woman dragged on herself a lot of people who did not even consider it necessary to thank, not realizing their duplicity. On the part of Rhett, to reproach her with this, to disgrace her in front of the whole city, to expose her betrayals with women of easy virtue, in the end, allowing everyone to consider his wife a whore, is outright disgusting. I am outraged that in the end he does not just leave Scarlett, he says his word, but does not let her say his, does not take any responsibility for the collapse of their marriage. Was she a bad wife? Probably. But she didn't have much fun in their marriage, in fact, much less than him.
Thanks so much for your amazing work! I'm really looking forward to the sequel and look forward to seeing Rhett and Scarlett soon. It will be interesting to watch the triangle. Or would it be a square for Rhett? After all, he still has not thrown the image of Ashley out of his thoughts. Oh poor Rhett! Difficult times await him, at which I secretly laugh quietly))

Truc. chapter 20 . Jun 9
Hard to believe Scarlett honestly has any interest in Ashley Wilkes, who is a mere hanger-on.

Truc. chapter 19 . Jun 9
Duncan traumatizes his Charleston staff with orders galore.
Then, at Scarlett’s home he learns about her real life trauma. Go away, Ashley Wilkes !

Mis. chapter 21 . Jun 8
Oh I am behind on my reviews but can't wait for the show to start! Knock 'em dead Ella!

Sul. (Archive on your own)  on Chapter 21Mon 07 Jun 2021 07:46AM EDT
This would certainly explain your love for detail!!

Guest chapter 21 . Jun 7
The show is about to start, indeed! Great chapter! I am dying to see what will happen next. I wonder how Charleston react to Scarlett’s presence. I did have a question about the model situation. There are 15 dresses in total and 14 models from NY. If one of the 15 dresses is for Ella, then there are 14 dresses left over - which would be enough for each model to present, so it is nit necessary that Scarlett has to model right? She should be able to turn it down, and Duncan will have a backup, right?

Aet. chapter 21 . Jun 7
I love the juxtaposition of Blanche working feverishly to get everything done, and Rhett being a bystander to life and staying partly drunk most of the time and contemplating his navel. This is quite the cliffhanger. Will they talk Rhett into going? I am pretty excited to read the description of Scarlett and Ella's dresses too.

Sul. (Archive on your own)  on Chapter 21Sun 06 Jun 2021 07:31AM EDT
This chapter was really one of the most exciting ,it left me literally breathless! Blanche ´ s work was described this precisely, that I wondered if you may work in fashion...
So vividly and picturesquely rendered, I felt like participating at this event.
I’m looking forward to the next chapter with great eagerness.

Guest chapter 21 . Jun 6
I think what R has done to Scarlett shouldn't be forgiven. Even if it can be forgiven or understood by her, it must definitely be enough for her to end her feelings towards this guy. I can understand that there's a memory of the child they've once had that's still uniting them in some way, but let it be just this and nothing more. Scarlett has first imagined her love for Ashley and then saw him as he was and the love was gone. Why can't the same happen to her feelings towards R? R knows her? How well does he know her if he can't detect where she's telling him truth and when not. He's always been assuming worst about her. He married her knowing well that there was another man in her head. Why leaving then? What's changed? This person is just disgusting. Even more disgusting in this fic, where he's even divorced her. There's no way I can accept Scarlett /Rhett pairing back here. This will be a total disaster and injustice. I very much hope that Duncan hasn't been created here just for Rhett's self-affirmation. He's not ideal as well, but at least he hasn't shown any disrespect to this woman yet. I vote for him, in case readers can influence something in the story of course :)

Mis.  chapter 21 . Jun 6
Please, forgive me for my poor English.
I read comments from readers who think Scarlett deserves a perfect mate like Doncan. In reality it happens that we know potential mates who are perfect, like Doncan, but in the end our heart goes after a “bad boy” man like Rhett Butler.
Men also know "perfect princesses" who are suitable both in terms of the privileged family , education, beauty, but in the end will choose a woman who has lit a fire in their hearts. As happened to R with Scarlett and as happened to Duncan with Scarlett.
The exception is Ashley who loved Scarlett but had no passion for life and preferred to marry Melanie his family member who suited him in terms of family pedigree and education.
Scarlett's love for Ashley was immature love, a childhood love that would not stand the test of life. Scarlett was unhappy in this marriage if it had taken place the same as white Duncan.
From the moment she taste life with Rhett and the moment she realized that she loved her, and especially after she lost him, Scarlett grew up emotionally. She is no longer the same girl who falls in love and clings faithfully to for many years without trying to move on.
Any woman abandoned by a man she loved will strive to bring her beloved back and fight for him.
Scarlett gave up and did not fight for Rhett because she knew she would be rejected by him and did not want to experience another rejection. She was also a businesswoman and understood Rhett's threats to take everything from her if she did not agree to a divorce and therefore gave up . But deep in her heart she is still waiting for him. If Scarlett had given up on Rt, she would not have returned the alimony and sent a letter. This move shows that he is still important to her and comes to remind him that she still exists.
when Rhett left Atlanta he was a broken man, having lost Bonnie in deep mourning . Lived in denial and drowned himself in alcohol.
Tried to deal with the results of the divorce from Scarlett and had already decided in his heart to travel to Atlanta and offer Scarlett to remarry again the day he received her letter.
You should Bring back the strong Rhett the charming lover who will face Doncan in the competition for Scarlett.
Confront Scarlett with her true feelings towards the two men.
There is no doubt that Doncan is perfect, too perfect for the damaged Scarlett from her past ...
Only one like Rhett knows her, the real Scarlett for all her flaws and loved her in spite of everything.
Doncan does not really know her. Had he known her as Rhett it would have been very doubtful if he had accepted her as she was when blind love had expired.
Let's not forget that Scarlett is responsible for the ruin of her marriage as she continued to dream of Ashley while married to Rhett, threw him out of their bed, Rhett was faithful to her until that moment. Every man in this situation would be divorcing at that moment.
Once she realized that she loved her and confessed to him about her love he did not believe her. Didn't trust her . After more than two years speration he realizes that he can't leave without her.
Definitely not an easy task. You have to be psychological to solve the tangle in this three, but there is no doubt in my heart that you will succeed.

Win.  chapter 21 . Jun 6
Everything is set for the show. I i am so excited . Can’t wait

Guest chapter 21 . Jun 6
Wonderful treat, thank you so much.
Rhett was downright cruel about Scarlett’s appearance the last time he met her and now the tables have turned. Will Scarlett have matured enough not to mock him when he’s down?
Poor Scarlett, I bet she wished Duncan lived anywhere other than Charleston. She really will be happy to take a back seat and let Ella shine, but with Duncan’s plans for showing off his creation, she just won’t be able to. How will she react to being manipulated? If Rhett happens to see her leaving Magnolias Mansion again, and this time he is stone cold sober, he may have a change of heart about attending. If he goes to the event, I hope the orchestra plays their song “When this Cruel War is Over” - and they can have a moment together? Your creation whatever you have in store for us greedy, but very appreciative readers, is fine by me.

Guest chapter 21 . Jun 6
Thank you so much for this update, and that you were able to do it sooner, be sure we really appreciate it!
can't wait for the next chapter: Duncan and Rebecca, Rhett and Rosalyne and here is Scarlett, and there must be Belle at the gorizont, as she wanted to come to Charleston soon
God help them be civil at least
hope Scarlett ends as a Queen, she deserves it!
as usual, you left us anxious of update :))

Guest chapter 21 . Jun 6
Ahhh! The suspense is building up! Poor Scarlett, she just wants to keep a low profile. Duncan is going to dig himself into a hole.

Sca. chapter 21 . Jun 6
So will Scarlett refuse to walk in the fashion show? She seems over trying to be the center of attention but Duncan doesn't know this and he may be very disappointed if she won't walk. It will be lovely to see Ella get her moment for once and Wade is always a gentleman. But very curious to see if your Rosemary ends up being charmed by Rhett's former family or becomes a terrible pot stirrer. And, Eleanor caught in the middle with the Aunts... So much drama to unpack, I can't wait.

 Tai. chapter 21 . Jun 6
Omg so excited for the show to start! I was hoping for a Rhett and Scarlett meeting but I don’t think it will happen for now. And how in love Ducan is with Scarlett, it’s so good to see him with her so I’m hoping the next chapter we will see more of them together

Sta. chapter 21 . Jun 6
TeamDuncan, she needs a new man, who puts her first. Rhett needs to suffer for the hurt and pain he caused her.

Fai. chapter 21 . Jun 6
Ah, Duncan really gets under Scarlett's skin, to the point of having nightmares! Rhett does too, and I can't wait to see their confrontation... Especially if he finally decides to come and sees Scarlett in a beautiful dress!
Blanche has taste, character and, although she seems to be somewhat tired of her boss' whims, she always gives her best. A real gem!
As always, you spoil us and build up the suspense. I can't wait to read the rest!

Guest chapter 20 . Jun 4
This chapter was simply stunning.
Ashley and Scarlett’s relationship has done a 180 with him now the jealous one. Although she did nothing to encourage, or repel, him, I loved how you made their complicated relationship obvious to Duncan from the outset.
I liked your idea of Duncan visiting Belle’s deliberately to further “sus” Rhett out. The vivid scene of Rhett in bed at the brothel and then back to Scarlett took my breath away by its tawdry description.
Duncan and Rhett are very similar in a lot of ways, I suspect when Rhett realises that Duncan really is his adversary he will also embark on some reconisence work of his own to discredit Duncan. Just like Rhett, to Duncan, “a spade is a spade” so that when he discovers the truth about Rhett and Scarlett’s relationship I don’t think he will think Rhett quite so vile. Not that there will ever be any love lost between them.
Scarlett is going to cause quite a rumpus in Charleston, and her Aunts will be apoplectic. Bring it on and let battle commence.


from May 21st to June 3rd 2021

Mis. chapter 1 . June 3
It will certainly not be easy for Scarlett to make the decision to give up Duncan the "prince" who was blown away by her charm and brought her back to the time of all the boys around courting her. But Scarlett has remained faithful to her love for years and it is no different this time.
Scarlett swore to herself to bring Rhett back and she would, it would give meaning to her life. But along the way she will inflict pain and sorrow on both Duncan and R right up until the moment she finally connects to her heart given to Rhett

Mis. June 3
Wow what a creative and sophisticated writing. I've got no words.
Duncan still does not know how his life is going to turn upside down.
Scarlett and Rhett have a rich past and experience in dealing with the difficulties that life has summoned for them. They will play the game well. Hopefully R. will re-enter Scarlett's life soon in this fascinating story.
Do not wait too long with it.
We read stories where it kept going away until he was no longer relevant and the story lost interest.
Rhett must return as Scarlett's man who deep down in her heart her love for him steel burns after discovering that she loved him and not Ashley. R. should go back and try to correct the mistake he made when he divorced her as a man who learned from his mistakes and takes responsibility for it. He must learn how to compensate Scarlett big time. No less.
Scarlett knows how to give up her pride. She would like to teach Rat a lesson but knows full well that he is the only man for her. It should be interesting.
thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the next episodes

 Aet. chapter 20 . June 2
Duncan has quite the poker face if he didn't show the impact this revelation had on him. Rhett has met his match. This will be quite the merry crowd in Charleston.

Sca. chapter 20 . June 2
Oh, the foreshadowing. So many scandalous twists and turns. I hope our Scarlett is smarter than all these men and gets her heart's desire when it's all over. Rhett knows her better than all others and he knows he has made mistakes, but will he be able to play the long game better than the newcomers. Ashley is clearly underfunded and a long shot in this high stakes game. It will be interesting to see what trouble Scarlett stirs up, how will Wade and Ella effect the game? Scarlett has always had a soft spot for Mrs. Butler, will she be able to tilt the odds in Rhett's favor? Would love to see Mother Butler collude with Scarlett to teach Rhett a lesson while he grovels his way back into his family's life. Now, impatiently waiting for next chapter.

Jad. chapter 20 . June 2
The plot thickens. I sincerely hope that Rhett will be “on his game” to be able to deal wisely and well with competition from Duncan. Ashley is no longer a threat though I don’t think Ashley knows that.

Tai. chapter 20 . June 2
Ohhh the plot thickens, I’m loving this so much! And Ashley, I never read him like this before, fighting for Scarlett in such an obvious way, it’s certainly interesting and I can’t wait ao read more

Sta. chapter 20 . June 2
That’s it for me, now that Rhett invited Bella to live with him in Charleston, I’m team Duncan, it’s him she should marry. She needs to stay far away from the selfish Rhett.

Guest chapter 20 . June 2

Anonymous chapter 20 . June 2
Great chapter! Loving all the drama- can you just confirm on the timeline? I thought the fashion show was in May and not March? I know you mentioned awhile back that chapter 20 would be the same month as where we began in Chapter 1- which was May 1876. I just want to make sure I am not missing anything.
Also is John Paxton and his sister Rebecca , going to return to the story? Last I recall, Rebecca and Duncan were having an affair in 1875, is that still occurring in 1876? Did Duncan end it after meeting with Scarlett? I’m wondering if Duncan’s own mistress (or former mistress) is going wreak havoc like I foresee Belle Watling will be doing. I just feel like they will come up again in the story and add another twist or layer to the plot.
Great story keep it up!

Guest chapter 20 . June 2
Also- I just wanted to add, what if Belle is lying? I wouldn’t put it last her, never liked her or felt sympathetic towards her. She could be angry Rhett left Atlanta and wants to tarnish his reputation. I need to know more. I’m just curious now if Rhett actually invited her or if Belle is saying that just to mess with Rhett

Guest chapter 20 . June 2
im sorry but i can't believe thet Rhett would insist on Belle's coming to Charleston. He can be the member of heaven club, but taking his mistress with him is not the way of getting respect that he wanted. Hope that it was just the way how Belle interpret situation and Rhett's words

Guest chapter 20 . June 2
Thank you for the quick update! I cannot wait for the next chapter after all the bombshells that were just dropped! Rhett invited Belle to join him Charleston? Was she making that up? I feel like if wanted grace and dignity, he would also leave her behind. Ugh... if it is true though, and Scarlett finds out, I hope she gives him hell. To be honest, Duncan seems to be just as manipulative as Rhett. Same with Ashley. Scarlett should just avoid them altogether. I can’t wait for the next chapter! I hope we get to May 27th.

Fai. chapter 12 . June 2
Duncan is...Machiavellian! However, I am initially a little surprised that he immediately concluded that Rhett was the most important rival since he didn't see him in the best light, and that Ashley insisted on the shared experience, and that in a way that is, to say the least, audacious. Especially with the rumors he heard.
Anyway, great chapter, can't wait to read the rest!

 Klen ? chapter 20 . Jun 2
What a chapter! I can't find the words.

Bir June 1
I LOVE this story can’t wait for more:)! I just one question/ request: where are you planning on taking the Ashley and Scarlett relationship? I would LOVE to see more of Ashley ( and his feelings) with Scarlett. (And him being persistent with her) But if you don’t like that idea or already have the whole thing planned out I completely understand. Just a thought! Hopefully this didn’t get you mad (for whatever reason) and stop writing this. I think it would make us all sad. Keep writing you are dong fantastic:) ;)

Guest chapter 19 . May 31
I feel like Ashley’s appointment was to but an engagement ring for Scarlett. Is that why he paled at the end of the chapter

Guest chapter 19 . May 30
hope, there will be moment when Scarlett can tell Duncan her version of her relationship with Rhett and "love" for Ashley, so that he will have more than just rumors. I so disagree with those who quote Rhett, that she just wanted the moon, in the book there is a wonderful scene in the shop, where Rhett says that Ashley wants only her body, and he does not care about her mind, soul, etc., and how she understands that if this is true, it is so terrible that there is no one who appreciates it, because Rhett did not give her confidence that the he really needs something more, too. Despite the fact that our wonderful hero is a super smart and brave blockade runner, in love he is a complete coward and many times acts just stupid (it is clear that he has his own complexes and fears in connection with the relationship with his father and the fact that the family rejected him and mother did not interfere), and he had difficult times of survival, but in a relationship with Scarlett, he was much older and seemed to have some experience and he always had to answer only for himself, while Scarlett felt the burden of responsibility for her children! and everyone else. If he had honestly told her everything, she would not have held it like a whip (she had such a desire, because of his constant ridicule and her inability to resist in verbal skirmishes, its also mentioned in book), yes, she is a manipulator by nature, but with an honest and strong position, she could have understood that she could not manipulate himand they either would not enter into a relationship, or she realized that he needed not only her body and would also show respect and care (for all her manipulative nature, she tried to take care of Frank but there problem. was in certain stereotypes of the South that were important to Frank, his inability to solve the problems and problems at the proper level due to the post-war period). Scarlett of course has a lot to grow after the end of the novel and a lot to realize, but I do not agree with those who do not see any advantages in her in terms of building relationships and feel sorry for the perfect Rhett, who was not appreciated.

Guest chapter 19 . May 30
Your updates never fail to delight and this is no exception.
I like Duncan, I really do, (even if he is sly and crafty with how he manipulated Scarlett with Ella) but with his privileged life during the war he has no perception of the damaged Scarlett still lurking underneath the glamorous facade. She’s getting better but some of her scars will never heal. I’m so excited to discover how you are going to handle R&S interactions. IMHO Rhett, almost needs to have undergone a personality change, he can’t be jeering or come out with his biting comments, she’s moved past that, but he’s still got to be himself, and get back to being her friend.
I like how the staff call Scarlett Ma’ame, I’m so used to reading Miss Scarlett and of course that has not been appropriate for sometime now.

Guest chapter 19 . May 30
Ahhh! I wonder when Duncan will connect the dots between Scarlett’s and Rhett’s stories. I can’t wait for the fashion show. Ahhh I can’t wait to read more! Please update soon!

Aet. chapter 19 . May 29
Can you imagine being a girl and you get to be in a fashion show. How excited Ella would be. I think that Scarlett is the third model. Having a mother and daughter on the runway would be very sweet. The amount of time that went into a garment is absolutely staggering isn't it?

Sar. chapter 19 . May 29
Loved it ! Glad Ashley saw her.
 report review for abusetaina.alvesm chapter 19 . May 29
Girl! You can not leave me hanging with this ending!

Guest chapter 19 . May 29
it's just amazing, thank you so very much! hope that your note about you "wrote too long chapter" meens that 20th will be sooner than next week end:)) . This is not to press you just to express how I always wait for you next uptade! thank you so much for this work!

Guest chapter 1 . May 29
I think R. will have to meet Duncan and make it clear to him of his intention to fight to win Scarlett. R. needs to be nimble and brave, reveal his true feelings and tell Scarlett about the situation that led him to demand a divorce he regrets ofuly. Otherwise he might lose her.
At the moment her heart is still given to him.

Guest chapter 1 . May 29
Wow what an exciting episode. Excellent writing with great sensitivity.
Scarlett tells Duncan about her past and of course does not tell everything ...
I was sad with Scarlett when she told him about Bonnie's death and her fall down the stairs ... In the book and film she showed strength and did not let her feelings go out and with telling Duncan
about her pain she seems to be starting the recovery journey from the pains of the past. When you open up and tell the experience it relieves the pain and helps to overcome it.
Apparently Scarlett only thinks she has overcome the divorce from Rhett. she is trying her best to move on, and the inheritance from her grandfather must have planted confidence in her. But this confidence is shaky, deep inside her it is very damaged.
I wonder what Duncan's reaction will be when he finds out that R. is Scarlett's divorcee.
How R. will try to overcome his pride and come to Atlanta to meet Scarlett and to try win her love .
And of course there is Ashley who may have erred for a moment in illusions ...
It is Going to be interesting,
Thanks so much
Can't wait for the next chapter

Moo. chapter 19 . May 29
I love that Wade is looking out for his Mother. I'm so happy that Scarlett divorce only made Duncan happy and did not turn him away from her. I also adored Ella and Scarlett's interaction.

Fai. chapter 19 . May 29
Great chapter, with lots of good moments! Duncan pulling out all the stops to seduce Scarlett and her family (and his relief at Scarlett's marital status is a smile)! Ella happy and sharing a moment with her mother! Wade wanting to protect Scarlett! Scarlett opening up about the turmoil of her past!
I loved it.
And of course, I suppose Duncan wants Scarlett to be his star model. Poor Blanche may have to endure more of her employer's whims.
Poor Ashley! He thought he could court Scarlett and succeed! His quest was in vain, but now he'll realize it.

Sul. May 27
What a mean cliffhanger! But Duncan has fallen for her, head over heels, that’s absolutely clear now...

Gwg. May 26
Hell no. This is bullshit.
Rhett has suffered enough. He deserves better and he finally realised that and stood up for himself. No way he would want her back. Ever. Leave him alone.
Scarlett is a sociopath abusive bitch and she always will be.
She reaped what she sow. Fuck her for all the eternity. She will be alone, unloved, and ugly just like her soul. The way she should be. Bye.

Ali. chapter 18 . May 26
Go Duncan get the girl

Mis. chapter 1 . May 24
I read the exciting chapter 18 once again. Admiring your ability to convey a chill in my body to Rett's reaction also to the smell of the Garniet perfume in the envelope of Scarlett's letter. R. treated the perfume as a sign that Scarlett was sending to him. I definitely think R. is still strong in Scarlett's heart despite her excitement about Duncan's courtship.
Scarlett loves challenges and Duncan is no longer a challenge for her. She feels good that he has been captivated. It would diminish his charm in her eyes.
Rett's scream comes from the depths of his heart, he's broken now, but he, like Scarlett , is driven when he faces difficult challenges and he's going into a fierce battle to get Scarlett back. A difficult war awaits him. My heart goes out to him. Wishing him success. I love him with Scarlett despite everything.
Thank you for your investment in this exciting story. Looking forward to hearing from you again

Guest chapter 18 . May 24
Loved it! Cannot wait for the next chapter!

Guest chapter 18 . May 24
I think i nearly peed myself when Rhett saw her. This is gonna be exciting, i hope Rhett drops his pride now.

Guest chapter 18 . May 24
Aww great chapter! I was wondering when Rhett would receive notice about Scarlett’s new financial decision. I’m not too surprised he ended up drinking heavily.
I wonder what Duncan was thinking when he saw Rhettt? I can’t wait for the next chapter

Tru. chapter 18 . May 24
Since Rhett divorced her, Scarlett's moved on with her life. Displaying that, after twenty-seven months, she has created her own financial wealth sufficient not only to cease his payments, but to reimburse the alimony in full. That’s impressive!
Meanwhile he is recklessly destroying his health and that’s a shame.

Ae . chapter 18 . May 24
I have gooseberries and currants. They are both susceptible to infestations of saw fly larvae. I spent yesterday using forceps to pull larvae off my plants. As a reward, and that activity certainly deserved a reward, I came in and read your story, and lo and behold part of it was about larvae, just of a different bug. It is amazing how big the larvae are of what turns out to be a smallish bug. That scene with him thinking that he had imagined Scarlett was incredible. I almost feel sorry for Rhett. Almost.

Guest chapter 18 . May 24
Amazing chapter. Thank you so much for your all of your hard work, I’m in awe of how you turn out such perfect chapters so quickly.
I thought Rhett had gone on his extended trip to sort himself out but at the first hurdle he drops back into depression and drink. In just the same way that he can’t fall back in love with a Scarlett who is a shadow of her former self, she can’t handle a depressed and unpredictable Rhett. They both have to have a vibrancy and a spring in their step. Rhett needs to sort himself out quickly and abstain from prostitution and booze. He’s already given Duncan enough ammunition to sink his credibility when opportunity arises. I don’t think Duncan is particularly vindictive but he will try to make Scarlett see all of Rhett’s faults. We all know Scarlett is stubborn, perhaps this will be Rhett’s saving grace.
By the way, if you had to pay to read this, I would willingly do so!

Guest chapter 18 . May 23
this was absolutely brilliant! I love it and think that is the best chapter of this story (for now). Will wait for your update (thanks that you give it every week!) Hope the next chapters will also include such deep feelings!

Mis. chapter 1 . May 23
You are a wonderful and very exciting writer. This is exactly how I imagined Reett as he reconnects with his feelings. He is a very hot man with great power but afraid to express his feelings so as not to get hurt.
I imagine him the next morning, asking to accompany his mother to her friends, Scarlett's aunts , home he misses a few minutes after she left for Atlanta and he's on the train after her.
The man is mad for fear of losing her . I wonder what will happen in Atlanta.
Can't wait for the next episode. You're making my day – Thanks

Wind. chapter 1 . May 23
Side of me thinks: poor Rhett. Another that he deserves it

 Sta. chapter 18 . May 23
Enjoying it

Moo. chapter 18 . May 23
I love Scarlett's slap in the face to Rhett . Everything she did said "I don't need you" That letter was perfect. I love her and Duncan together. I do wonder what he said to make her giggle though?

Tru. chapter 17 . May 23
Duncan is head-over-heels in love with Scarlett. Makes me wonder when he will learn that she’s a divorced woman and how will he respond?

Fai. chapter 18 . May 23
Hello, asylum? I think we lost Rhett Butler!
Well, I'm not quite sure of the exact date, but it seems to me that Graham Bell (and one of his competitors) presented his patent right around the time you're talking about. Although I doubt his neighbors would have had access to it for the occasion.
Well, the big boys have fallen off the wagon! Rhett, who was so proud of not showing his feelings, now screams in the street. And how easily he goes from hope to despair! He didn't think it was going to be easy, though, and that she was going to keep collecting his money like this?
Duncan is likely to have some suspicions already.

Fai. chapter 17 . May 22
Oh, Duncan has fallen from a great height, and he may not be able to climb back up!
No Mr. O'Hara, but a Mr. Butler who would do well to come and protest a bit.
I wonder how Duncan would react to Wade and Ella. Especially since Rhett was almost a father to them, and no doubt if they see another suitor with their mother, they might remark on it.
I can't wait to read the next chapter! Is there a chance for a first (after many years) look between Rhett and Scarlett before they move back to Atlanta? They are so close!

Fai. chapter 16 . May 22
I doubt Mariette will like the idea of antiques being so easily bought by an American. I hope that Rhett will be able to help her at some point, and break out of the lethargy he's stuck in.
But that's Rhett for putting the cart before the horse! I hope he doesn't delude himself into thinking that if he gives her any more gifts, she will fall into his arms.
Already, I want to read his reaction when he realizes that Scarlett is not on Ashley's arm, but Duncan's.
Although she kept the famous hat, apparently :) (he's a survivor!)

Fai. chapter 15 . May 22
Ah, finally I can catch up!
Very good chapter. I think you're making me slowly fall in love with your Duncan, even though I promised myself to keep my distance... This is so wrong! He's charming, caring, smart, and all his attempts at Scarlett make me smile. His feelings are so obvious (even to Scarlett, I think!). I also really like the respect he shows, Scarlett really needs it.
Blanche doesn't seem surprised by Duncan's instructions.
Rhett has a lot to worry about, and he better get moving. Duncan's already got his act together!
But of course, Scarlett wouldn't be Scarlett if her interest wasn't also piqued by the possibility of a rivalry. A little bit of jealousy, already?

Guest chapter 17 . May 22
I was so excited you posted a new chapter! I’ve been checking every day to see if a new one was up. Great chapter! I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when they figure out who Duncan’s new business associate is. Please update soon!

KG. May 22
OMG. Please do not stop writing this story, I am absolutely HOOKED! It is such an amazing plot and I can’t wait for Rhett to get wind of Scarlett and Duncan.
Please update soon ! <3

Aet. chapter 17 . May 22
Your details make the scenes so easy to picture. I can't imagine having to do all those conversions on paper. It helps that it is close to 2. Scarlett is sounding like Scarlett again. Hopefully Duncan follows her to Atlanta and all the old peahens fill him in on the details of Scarlett's life.

Mar. chapter 17 . May 22
Surpisingly I don’t think I’ve left you a review yet and we are already 17 chapters in! I’ve read each one and am enjoying your story. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to make it historically accurate along with providing references too! Can’t hurt to enjoy some fanfic and to learn something new while we’re at it.
I have a feeling this story is just getting started...how will Rhett and Duncan react when they realize they have their eyes on the same lady? IF they meet in Chapter 18 how will Duncan’s visit to Atlanta play out? You’ve written Scarlett really well here, she enjoys Duncan’s attention and she’s in her element as a businesswoman, but Rhett is, of course, still in the back of her mind. He has a worthy adversary in Duncan, I hope it will make him come to his senses. Or that Scarlett can find full happiness elsewhere. Looking forward to Chapter 18! Thank you!
PS. I gather from your French AO3 postings that English is your second language. I am so impressed that you’re able to write so confidently in both languages. Amazing!

Win. chapter 17 . May 22
It is perfect and beautiful. Can’t wait for the next chapter

Guest chapter 17 . May 21
seems like Mr B will certainly hear this cascading laughter :)) I enjoy your plot, but for me there can be less describtion of history, art and architecture and more deep emotions of characters, Scarlett's growth, Rhett healing, Wade and Ella

tai. chapter 17 . May 21
I love when other people recognize Scarlett’s strengths and business success. And when will Duncan realize that there is no husband?

sarah.shilo chapter 17 . May 21
I love the way the story evolves. Scarlett deserves some erotic adventures in her life.

Guest chapter 17 . May 21
Great chapter! I cannot wait to read the next chapter! I wonder why Scarlett hasn’t mentioned she’s divorced. Please update soon! I really hope Rhett and Scarlett cross paths

Sca. chapter 17 . May 21
The dialogue and characters observations during conversations are spot on and wonderfully revealing. I'm wondering when Scarlett will figure out that Duncan wants to do more personal business with her. Loving this story and only wish you would post more often. Also excited to see Wade and Ella again.



Updated May 21st, 2021 -


Kle. chapter 17 . 21 May
So Cathleen knows a little more. I imagine she'll talk to Duncan about it. Still, I'm happy to see her welcome with warmth and joy. I like these three people :)
I hope you're doing well, I'm always happy to see these chapters :)

Guest, chapter 17 . May 21
I was so excited you posted a new chapter! I’ve been checking every day to see if a new one was up. Great chapter! I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when they figure out who Duncan’s new business associate is. Please update soon!

 Aet. chapter 17 . May 21
Your details make the scenes so easy to picture. I can't imagine having to do all those conversions on paper. It helps that it is close to 2. Scarlett is sounding like Scarlett again. Hopefully Duncan follows her to Atlanta and all the old peahens fill him in on the details of Scarlett's life.

Mar. chapter 17 . May 21
Surpisingly I don’t think I’ve left you a review yet and we are already 17 chapters in! I’ve read each one and am enjoying your story. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to make it historically accurate along with providing references too! Can’t hurt to enjoy some fanfic and to learn something new while we’re at it.
I have a feeling this story is just getting started...how will Rhett and Duncan react when they realize they have their eyes on the same lady? IF they meet in Chapter 18 how will Duncan’s visit to Atlanta play out? You’ve written Scarlett really well here, she enjoys Duncan’s attention and she’s in her element as a businesswoman, but Rhett is, of course, still in the back of her mind. He has a worthy adversary in Duncan, I hope it will make him come to his senses. Or that Scarlett can find full happiness elsewhere. Looking forward to Chapter 18! Thank you!

Win. chapter 17 . May 21
It is perfect and beautiful. Can’t wait for the next chapter

Guest, chapter 17 . May 21
seems like Mr B will certainly hear this cascading laughter :)) I enjoy your plot, but for me there can be less describtion of history, art and architecture and more deep emotions of characters, Scarlett's growth, Rhett healing, Wade and Ella

tai. chapter 17 . May 21
I love when other people recognize Scarlett’s strengths and business success. And when will Duncan realize that there is no husband?

Sar. chapter 17 . May 21
I love the way the story evolves. Scarlett deserves some erotic adventures in her life.

Guest, chapter 17 . May 21
Great chapter! I cannot wait to read the next chapter! I wonder why Scarlett hasn’t mentioned she’s divorced. Please update soon! I really hope Rhett and Scarlett cross paths

Sca. chapter 17 . May 21
The dialogue and characters observations during conversations are spot on and wonderfully revealing. I'm wondering when Scarlett will figure out that Duncan wants to do more personal business with her. Loving this story and only wish you would post more often. Also excited to see Wade and Ella again.

Guest, chapter 16 . May 16
Great chapter can’t wait to read more! Fun to see what is going on in Rhett’s world. I wonder if he will cross paths with Scarlett during her trip in Charleston

Mis. chapter 8 . May 16
You write great. Thank you for filling my day
It is clear that two years after the divorce Rat is beginning to recover and realize that his love for Scarlett is stronger than him but he is not brave enough to admit to himself that he was wrong when he divorced her.
He is afraid of meeting her.
He fails to break free and there is no woman who will live in his heart except her, whom he dreams about at night, whom he sees in every piece of art and all his purchases are destined for her.
Only when he sees her with Duncan and realizes that he may have lost her forever? Will the need to fight it be stronger than him and will he forgive his ego?
Will Scarlett forgive him?  Will they be able to mature? And overcome the past ?
Do not leave us in suspense
Please update as soon as possible

Mis. chapter 1 . May 16
When will Ratt learn that Scarlett has given him back the alimony money and given up his money? It will be interesting to see how he reacts

Tru. chapter 16 . May 16
Your research here is amazing! Well done.
Rhett came alive while becoming better-acquainted with ancient Egypt and saw Scarlett in some pieces. Seeing Roselyne, not so much.

Guest, chapter 16 . May 16
Great update, but when is Rhett going to learn/realise that his rival isn't Ashley Wilkes but Duncan! Why doesn't he have a spy in Atlanta who will tell him what Scarlett is up to?

Sta. chapter 16 . May 15
Great story, but I would t trust what was written on Wikipedia as anyone write what they want.

Win. chapter 16 . May 15
I always feel so sad when the chapter ends. Can’t wait for the next chapter

Guest,  chapter 16 . May 15
I think I am addicted to your story. It’s a harmless addiction, but I realise still an addiction nonetheless. Loved the update, especially the blunt realisation of exactly why he left, that he cannot forget, and thus cannot move on. Clearly, he is hoping to one day bestow the ring and bracelet to Scarlett. Thank you for your considerable efforts.

 Jad. chapter 16 . May 15
You said that you split this chapter into three because it was originally much too long but for me it is too short—because I was enjoying is so very much.

Sca. chapter 16 . May 15
Your historical research is very thorough gives an interesting picture of how much Rhett enjoys learning and using that part-time as a way to avoid his present problems. His way of thinking about it tomorrow. A little introspection on his part is definitely needed if he is ever going to grow up, too. Scarlett is a doer, just like Rhett but she is always in the express lane, Rhett better hit the highway or he is going to be left behind, again.

Guest, chapter 15 . May 13
Oh no! They are stopping at his house. Who knows who will be there. My guess is there is at least one Butler guest over.
I wonder if Rhett is in town. I would love to see his reaction to Scarlett- now that she is back to looking and acting like the woman he first fell for.

Guest,  chapter 14 . May 13
So they finally meet! Its nice to see Scarlett in action at work. I wonder how long will it take Duncan to realize who Scarlett is. I know he’s been wanting to meet Rhett’s ex. I wonder how this will affect his crush on her.

Guest,  chapter 13 . May 13
Rhett saying “Scarlett what have you done to me” is so ridiculous. He should have said “what have I done?!”. He’s the one who divorced her, not the other way around. How many times will he travel the world before he realizes it is not going to help him get over her. He needs to go to her and make amends before it is too late (assuming it isn’t already).

Guest,  chapter 12 . May 13
Does this mean Scarlett is going to look for a fourth husband? There is no way she is going to become a mistress. It is not in her character- and would cause a huge scandal. I hope she doesn’t engage in an affair like Duncan and Rebecca are having. She is trying to rebuild her reputation, especially for the sake of Ella and Wade.

Guest, chapter 10 . May 13
Rhett brought this onto himself. He’s allowed to go around with other women but is upset Scarlett may be doing the same.
Also, who on earth writes to the aunts about Scarlett? I never knew who was keeping tabs on her to begin with.

Guest, chapter 9 . May 13
It’s nice Ashley is finally standing up for Scarlett, however there is no way he is going to marry her. He should find someone else or remain a widower like his own father did.

Guest, chapter 8 . May 13
Duncan is having an affair with Rebecca! I guess he isn’t that much better than Rhett.

Guest, chapter 7 . May 13
Interesting that Rhett and Duncan do not care for one another. To be honest, I don’t think Duncan can claim to be much better than Rhett. Rhett still actually fought in the war, Duncan hid in France. That’s my opinion.

Guest chapter 6 . May 13
Rosemary annoys me. She never attended Bonnie’s funeral and never actually me Scarlett. She can’t just go off what Rhett says, because he is bias

Guest, chapter 2 . May 13
I always hate that Rhett mocked Scarlett for talking to Carpetbaggers and Scalawags. He was the one who introduced her to them. Because of Rhett’s horrible reputation at the time, it wasn’t like any of “good” folks wanted to associate with Scarlett after she married him. I don’t think he realized how much of her reputation he ruined before and during their marriage.

Guest, chapter 15 . May 12
Is Duncan still having an affair with Rebecca? Is Rhett really pursuing Miss Tucker?

Les. chapter 14 . May 11
This was such a fun chapter. I felt as if I was in the room with Duncan and Scarlett.

Guest, chapter 14 . May 10
Your story is so good. I hope Scarlett marries Duncan. She deserves a "gentleman" but experienced man younger than Rhett, especially that he is handsome and his personality is so much like Scarlett.
How much "young" Tuker is? Scarlett is half the age of Rhett or even younger and now he is going after another young girl! Scarlett was 16 when he first saw her. He, himself was more than twice the age of Scarlett, about 35 at the Barbecue. How much Rhett's sister and her friend are younger than Scarlett? Six year? I don't think is too much that everyone see them "so young" but see Scarlett as an older woman.
Waiting for the next delightful update!

Sar. chapter 15 . May 9
This was really beautiful, thanks for posting, I can’t wait for the next chapter to arrive

Guest, chapter 15 . May 9
Ahh great chapter, but why did you stop there? I want to read more! I bet Eleanor will be at Magnolia mansion! Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Tru. chapter 15 . May 9
Duncan has taken Scarlett on an enchanting whirlwind that will greatly enhance her boutique.
While Duncan is a quite smitten with her, Scarlett’s done a fine job of not mixing business with pleasure.

Moo. chapter 15 . May 9
I love Scarlett and Duncan's interaction. So much . I want to ship them but not if you're going to put her back with Rhett. Because I can see how great a couple her and Duncan could be!

Star. chapter 15 . May 8
Brilliant can’t wait for the next chapter, I hope she marries him.

Sca. chapter 15 . May 8
What a wonderful chapter! Can hardly wait for more. So happy to see Scarlett exercising some discernment and restraint when it comes to priorities. Waiting to hear from the children and their input on the new business as well. You know Wade will protect his mother and Ella may be another muse for her mother and/or Duncan. Rhett is looking more like odd man out. How will he handle it?!

Guest, chapter 15 . May 8
Really good update. Will be waiting patiently for the next instalment. I hope his mother isn’t entertaining her new neighbour again. If, I understand it correctly, Scarlett has never been to the Butler house before but probably knows from her aunt’s which it is. Can’t wait to see how she handles this.

Whi. chapter 15 . May 8
So excited about this new chapter but you accidentally put the French version on the English. So I can’t read.

Guest, chapter 15 . May 8
You've posted the French version here instead of English!

Guest, chapter 14 . May 7
I wonder what Becca and Rhett think of Scarlett and Duncan’s bidding relationship. Is Rhett really pursuing Miss Tucker? She’s half his age.

Guest, chapter 14 . May 4
So they finally met! I can’t wait to read the next chapter! I would love to see Rhett’s reaction to Scarlett.

 Win. chapter 14 . May 4
The chapter was beautifully written


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